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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bottom Line? It's all about savings.

How's Your Bottom Line Look?
Have you ever looked at a great definition for ... "The Bottom Line"?

1. Lit. the last figure on a financial profit-and-loss statement, or on a bill.
"What's the bottom line? How much do I owe you? Don't tell me all those figures! Just tell me the bottom line."

 2. Fig. the result; the final outcome.
"I know about all the problems, but what is the bottom line? What will happen? The bottom line is that you have to go to the meeting because no one else can."

If you read the definitions above, they can be the eye-opener we need.

Byzantium takes this seriously. We have a 'bottom line' and it's important to us. Our bottom line answers some very important questions about our business; but most important, it tells us where we stand, the value of our services, and if it's important that we continue with the path we're on, or if we need to change direction.

Your bottom line is important to us also, and that's because it ultimately reflects onto our bottom line. So we're serious about saving you money. We're serious about helping you with the communication system that will meet your needs. And, we're serious about the ongoing relationships with our clients.

Here are a few ways we make that happen.

1. No Cost Solutions:
Make one call to Byzantium Carrier Services and an expert engineer will do all the work for you, at no cost. You provide a few details and sit back and let us take care of you.

2. Best Solution at the Best Price:
Byzantium Carrier Services will obtain competitive bids from top tier providers, examine various promotions, technology and platforms, then present you with the best option for your company.

3. Your Free Audit:
Byzantium will provide a free no obligation audit of your telecom carrier services, we will then make cost saving recommendations based on your current business requirements utilizing innovative technology and resources.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "how in the heck do you make money if you're saving your client so much?"

Well, it's simple and there are several ways we focus on our 'bottom line'. While we are saving you money, we get a commission from our top tier providers for the business we bring them. In addition, we provide all the services you need; sales, installation, and management of your telecommunication system. So there's only one telecommunication company you need to call and you'll know it will be taken care of; Byzantium.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Byzantium? Why the Name?

Byzantium, an ancient Greek city
Byzantium (bih-zan-tee-uhm) really is an odd word that we are asked about frequently.

Here's just a little story about how we came up with this name and why it's so important to us and our clients.

Byzantium was a powerful ancient Greek city, founded in the 7th century (657 BC), on the site that later became Constantinople (which is now modern-day Istanbul). It was mainly a trading city due to its location at the Black Sea's only entrance. 

Byzantium was founded by Byzas, a Greek colonist from Megara. Byzas found the location to place his city by consulting with an Oracle of Delphi, that told him he would find it "opposite the blind".

Byzantium preserved and protected the very foundations of Western civilization, and it remains every bit as important as the ancient empires of classical Greece and Rome to civilization as we know it. 

Byzantium did not simply preserve what was old; it also began what was new

Byzantine scholars and the "lost" knowledge they brought to Italy, Venice, France and England were a founding spark of the Renaissance Era, when sciences began to lay the foundations of the modern world. This Renaissance process brought Enlightenment - and rise of Science and Technology.

We at Byzantium of today would like continue the rise of Science & Technology by continuing to stay on the leading edge and applying our practices to our client’s needs. We want to preserve the old-fashion way of building trusted, long-term relationships with our clients, business partners providing products focused on service beyond expectation.

Everyone here at Byzantium has their own Oracle of Delphi that strives to be in front of a customer that feels blinded when it comes to their Voice and Data needs.  

At Byzantium, we're here to help you see the savings your business can achieve!